straight bevel cutting

Straight Bevel Gear Cutting

straight bevel cutting Atlas Gear Company is one of the few manufacturers of straight bevel gears in the metro Detroit area


With Gleason straight bevel generators we can make bevel gears from approximately 1/2" in diameter to 20" in diameter, and from 24 diametral pitch to 3 diametral pitch.

With motorized Gleason testing equipment we're able to match tooth contact patterns based on loaded or unloaded conditions, verify actual backlash and mounting distances that are so critical, and noise levels just as they will be run inside their gear boxes. We can match parts to one another, the working mating parts, or to master gears.

Atlas Gear China can produce Spiral Bevel gears in various sizes and pitches with cut only tooth forms or cut and ground tooth forms for higher accuracy and higher quality levels.