cnc hobbing

CNC Hobbing

cnc hobbing Our CNC hobber's can cut gears with AGMA Class 11 quality standards...


With new Mitsubishi and Pfauter CNC gear hobbing and shaping we can tackle most any type of spur, helical, crown, and worm gearing. Splines, both involute and straight sided, and serrations can also be cut. We also have manual gear cutting capabilities as well.

With all our capacity we can produce gears from 1/2" in diameter to 36" diameter, in both internal and external. Look for the particular type of gear or spline under our products tab to see exact specifications.

The Mitsubishi SC 63 CNC Gear Shaper, will also produce up to AGMA Class 11 gears, both internal and external, with face lengths up to nine inches. Using state of the art CNC technology, we can also cut high or low numbers of teeth, that a majority of manual machines have problems with, do to the lack of change gears.

Please always feel free to contact us with any questions that may not be answered here. Or call about any technical questions for projects still in the design stages. We pride ourselves on being able to help our customers through what can be tough design issues.