worm gears

Worm Gears

worm gears Staying a step ahead has always proven success...


As with most of our gear products, our background in producing worm and worm gear sets puts us one more step ahead.

We will produce worm gears up to 36" in diameter, and up to 8 starts. Again using the CNC gear hobber's we can handle higher helix angles and number of starts. We manufacture worm gears from all types of materials, bronze, plastics, stainless steels, ductile irons, cast irons and alloy steels, for all types of applications.

Another way that we're able to make the highest quality worm and worm gear sets is the testing we're able to do that others can't. We have an Illinois Model 2324 Worm Gear test machine, that enables us to match the worm and gear in the same way it will be mounted in your gear box. This allows us to match the tooth bearing contact exactly, and verify backlash to specified requirements. This is another example of how we're able to control quality, meeting or exceeding our customers requirements.