bevel gears

Bevel Gears

bevel gears Let Atlas Gear Company review your next bevel or mitre gear program...


Straight Bevel Gears, and Mitre Gears can be manufactured from 24DP to 3DP up to 20 inches in diameter and produced to meet AGMA Class 8 levels.

These gears can be run in sets and matched together using our Gleason motorized test machines assuring that the tooth contact bearing is correct with, and without loading, backlash between mates is correct to the mounting distance, and that the noise level of the gear doesn't exceed manufacturing requirements.

If only one member of the set is being made, it can be tested to a master gear, or a "functional" mating part to insure that it will mate properly in assembly.

We produce Mitre/Bevel gears in many types of materials, from plastics to pre hardened alloy's up to 32-35 Rc.