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spur gears


At Atlas gear Company, we manufacture external spur and helical gears from 1/2" in diameter up to 36" diameter with face lengths up to 40" in length. Depending on the outside diameter and the diametral pitch. Using the latest in CNC gear cutting machinery our Pfauter and Mitsubishi gear hobber's are capable of cutting up to an AGMA class 10/11 gear. Without any additional finishing process required. Gears up to 24" diameter can be hobbed and gear ground to an AGMA class 13/14, for all those high speed, high accuracy gear requirements.

We also have internal and external shaper cutting capabilities up to 36" in diameter with up to a 9" gear face, using our late model Mitsubishi SC 63 CNC gear shaper, also holding up to an AGMA Class 10/11. This is one of the largest CNC gear shapers in the Midwest.

Do you need gears with high numbers of teeth, or those problem prime numbers of teeth? Well with CNC gear cutting we can make those problems go away with ease. Computer programming for tooth indexing is the fastest , easiest way to handle those as well as many other problematic parts.

Let Atlas Gear Company review your next gear program, and show you how we can save you time and money with state of the art processing.