gear shaving

Gear Shaving, Honing and Lapping

gear shaving Gear shaving is another of our processes that help to produce higher quality gears.


We can straight or crown shave gears up to 26" diameter, and 3 diametral pitch. Using Red Ring GCI, GCY, and GCU gear shavers we can make gears up to AGMA Class 11.

Shaving is an alternative way to produce a gear tooth finish very close to, or equal to, ground gear levels, with overall quality also very close to ground gears, without the higher cost of gear grinding. Shaved gears have been used in automotive, commercial, and machine tool applications to reduce noise, and increase speeds accurately for many years.

Both spur and helical gears can be shaved and or crown shaved with ease.

Consider Shaving as an option for your next gear program.